Things to Consider before Renting a Moving Van

Things to Consider before Renting a Moving Van
by Affordable Storage Guy

Unless you’re moving a very short distance and you don’t mind driving around with a washing machine strapped to the roof of your car, you’re going to need to rent a truck to get all of your belongings safely to their new home.

You have a choice between hiring a full-service moving crew, or renting just a truck and loading and then driving it yourself. Cost is an important factor, of course, but it’s worth bearing in mind that your time is also valuable, so weigh the costs carefully before making your decision.

Once you’ve decided what kind of service is best for you, you’ll need to make a list of how many rooms are in your home, and how many boxes and how much furniture you’ll be moving. This will help you get more accurate estimates from the companies you contact.

Remember that any prices you’re quoted based on the inventory is just an estimate; someone from the company will have to come out and do a walkthrough to see exactly what they’re dealing with before they can tell you how much it will cost.

Collect as many references and estimates as you can. Ask family members and friends about their experiences, and see if there are any consumer reviews posted online.

Make your reservation early to be sure the truck you want is available when you need it. Certain times of the year are busier than others, so lock in your dates as soon as you can.

Always build some cushion into your budget. Refundable deposits are still an out-of-pocket expense, if only temporarily, and fuel costs can fluctuate wildly, depending on the time of year.

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