Berber Beware

by Kal Gutman

Buying a ? Be careful considering these fashionable textiles as they may be more than what you have bargained for. Typically designers, home builders and home owners want something different in on their floors and also stay within budget. Well, carpets may cost you more in the long run! Let me explain.

Knowing what to look for may help you make an informed decision when being in awe of the carpet samples when they feel good to the hand when shopping. Is the dense or does it have a wavy feel to it. The softer the carpet the more it is apt to being matted down and looking very different than the low traffic areas which means a distorted overall look and feel.

Watch out for hazards in your maintenance when vacuuming the Berber style looped carpet because the brushes on the vacuum cleaner can create a disaster especially on seam where the looping became loose and now you are left with a large run in your carpet just like a nylon stocking would run except the vacuum cleaner encouraged this damage.

Here are some guidelines in maintaining and using caution in future purchases of Berber style carpets. If you have pets you have to take note that they have claws and teeth that like to nibble and sometimes tease and tear. Vacuums with power heads with harsh brittle brushes should be avoided (soft brushes allowed, youll feel the difference). Proper installation of seams and trimming of loose fibers and excess materials. Stairs are always a problem for installers who are rushing to get the job done. Quality installations always take time. The phone just rang as this article was being finished and a customer needed a Berber repaired damaged by a dog. 🙂

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