Polished Concrete Vs. Ceramic Tiles

by Mercie Hallow

The demand for polishing among homebuilders and owners alike is increasing very rapidly. Proof of this is that more commercial establishments resort to using this new compared to what we are used to before. Conventional finishes are still popular for manufacturers tend to keep up by producing new designs and improving their products.

Among the conventional floor finish is the tile. With a closer look tile differs from the concrete because of its shapes and characteristics. Ceramic are often laid out onto a surface which in return produces a grid-like pattern as opposed to a polished concrete having a smooth even surface.

A polished concrete possesses high tensile strength characteristics which actually differs from the type and thickness of application. Concrete polishing involves specific procedures which create a compact, hardened and non-porous surface. As a result, a polished concrete floor does not let stain in and continue to maintain its sheen for month or even years.

Ceramic tiles are laid on an unfinished concrete floor using adhesives before sealed by tile grouts. This does not promises avoidance on breakage and the capability to carry great weight. This is also the reason that ceramic tiles are not generally use on surfaces that require traffic of heavy materials such as an industrial plant.

Decorating with ceramic tiles and polished concrete is not really a problem. Tiles of unique colors and shades are readily available on the market. Tints, colorants and stains are the counterpart for decorating with concrete polishing.

Maintaining the polished floor gives its best advantage over the ceramic tiles. The cleaning of the polished cement requires only wiping of a clean moist rag. While the way the tile is used makes it harder to clean because dirt, grime, and dust tend to settle in the meeting joints of the ceramic tiles.

By reading these comparisons we are swayed to conclude that polished concrete floors are more advantageous to use those ceramic tiles. Its strength, non-porosity and easy maintenance are just some characteristics that polished concrete will give its consumers

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