Top Bird Watcher Tips for Birders When You Go Birding

Top Bird Watcher Tips for Birders When You Go Birding
by Dave Joa

How To Have More Fun When You Are Watching Birds!

Enjoying birds and bird watching is one of the best ways to get out of the house and into the countryside and away from your back yard. By watching them in their natural habitat you will see them in their normal environment and it will be a different experience than watching them at the bird houses and bird feeders in you yard.

More and more people are now becoming bird watchers and birding will continue to become more popular. More time means more birding time and longer bird watching trips can take place. Also bird watching generates and appreciation for nature, our environment and the fact that we need to protect habitat for the birds.

Before going off on their first birding trips new birders should learn some of the basics for successful bird watching to avoid the potential for disappointment. Having a bird feeder or bird house in the back yard is a great idea, but to see more birds you need to visit their local habitat to find them.

Get Up Early and Be There Before Dawn!

If you are really keen and want the best chance of seeing the largest number of birds then you need to get out their early. Wherever you are going to watch birds, whether in your yard, on the coast, in local woodland or a park or other open space, you will definitely see a lot more birds if you are there early in the morning.

The night before your birding trip make sure you get to bed early too so that you are fully rested for the early start the following day. If possible get to your location just before dawn or very soon after. Then for a few hours you will see many birds. Later in the morning as the sun gets higher bird activity and the number of birds you will see will decrease.

No Bright Clothing At Any Time!

When out bird watching make sure that you do not wear bright colored clothes as this will make it much easy for the birds to see you and any movement you make could scare them away even before you see them.

Wear clothes that have subtle and darker tones that is similar in color to the habitat and foliage where you will be doing you bird watching.

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Being camouflaged in the foliage or habitat where the birds are located will mean that you are less easy to detect and therefore pose less of a threat to the birds. Even combat type gear might be appropriate if you are very serious about finding the best birds.

Try Not To Talk And Also Walk Quietly

Noise is probably the major reason for failing to see many birds so be quiet. Talking with friends and other birders will mean birds will be scared away before you see them and also you will not hear any sounds that the birds make so you will not even know that they are nearby.

Whispering is a good idea when near birds and if you want to indicate where you think the birds are you should try and use hand signals to tell you friends, but at no time should you raise an arm to point to where the birds might be, as they will see you do this and will just disappear before you get a chance to see them.

Try and remain behind larger things like tree trunks and bushes so that the birds do not see your silhouette or any movement as this will disturb them and they might leave in a hurry.

Please Keep On The Trail To Avoid Disturbance

Never chase the birds or try other techniques aimed at flushing out a bird from the undergrowth as this will just stress them and they will fly off anyway so you will not get a chance to see them. Stick to the trail at all times to avoid disturbing the birds and you will get much better views.

The best approach is to get yourself into a good position and let the birds come to you. This requires more patience but it is an approach that definitely works and you will see many more birds this way.

Never approach too close to a bird and never go near a birds nest during the breeding season but just leave them in peace to get on with their nesting.

Get a Spotting Scope or a Pair of Bincoulars

Watching birds from a distance is major requirement when birding as many do not allow close views so you will need a good pair of binoculars and when you become a more experienced birder you may feel the need to get a spotting scope to give much closer views of the birds you want to see.

Bird watching is an enjoyable pastime for any nature lover. Birding can be inexpensive and at some times challenging but above all it is always enjoyable and fun.

It is easy to begin by just putting up bird feeders and bird houses for nesting in your yard and get enjoyment from watching the birds as they come and go.

Enjoy Your Wild Bird Watching!

Get up Early, Go birding and Watch many more Birds.

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