For Children the Internet is a Dangerous Place

For Children the Internet is a Dangerous Place
by Sam Garnebo

A child’s natural curiosity to learn is what makes the internet so dangerous. Different situations and varied responses can produce these dangers.

Children are at risk. From online predators to life long addiction to pornography, the ways and means are endless.

The pornography industry is not going away anytime soon. This industry can produce more income than the big three in Detroit. That was before the “recession”.

Because anyone can be anybody online, parents need to be on guard to make sure their children aren’t giving out information to strangers, or worse, meeting up with them. Every parent has to be involved in what their children are, and the internet is no exception.

Some Social sites encourage meeting other people and need to be monitored closely. Parents have to have control over who their kids freinds are as well as making sure their child’s profile is private.

Monitoring is the greatest form of protection a parent could deliver. An added tool would be an online filter.

Parents with good filters have peace of mind knowing their child is safeguarded when they can’t be around.

A filter should be fast as well as tamper proof and only changed by a third party. Having the third party eliminates the chance of it being removed by someone or allowing unwanted sites accessed.

Software that collects the online activity of each family computer will help a parent know what their children are searching for, and what has been found!

A good filter will let you monitor as well as filter. Some software will let you take screenshots and monitor time limits and more. A good search will help you choose the right filter for you.

Parenting has serious responsibilties, of those is protecting your children. Monitoring your child’s online activity as well as keeping the computer in a general living area are good measures to take to protect them.

Using monitoring and filtering software will provide parents the tools to let their families surf safe.

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