Why You Should Have A Southwestern Rug And How To Take Care Of It

Why You Should Have A Southwestern Rug And How To Take Care Of It
by Gunther Graves

Southwestern rugs are highly valued, which originated in Native American tribes as early as the 18th century. They are also called Native American rugs. Due to the influence of the Native American culture, the designs depict tribal gods, people and other symbols of their customs and traditions. Having one in the comforts of your home brings a rural, incredibly homey feel.

Southwestern rugs have a rich history. In fact, they weren’t rugs to begin with. Rather, they started off as blankets fabricated to wear around the shoulders. In ancient times, Southwestern tribes used hand-spun cotton thread to weave. Later on, in the 1500s, the Spanish settlers introduced local wool from the Churro sheep and since then wool is primarily used to make their vibrant rugs and other folk weaving.

The southwestern rugs we see today are from areas where the Native Americans and the Spanish used to create their goods. These rugs are often identified by the tribe that produced them such as Navajo or Zapotec. What’s unique about the designs are the incorporation of the Native Americans’ belief in deity and the supernatural. Native American rugs as they are also called contain designs of sacred figures or gods and come in patterns like no other. You will know that this kind of rugs was created with so much love and pride for culture and heritage.

Unbelievably, Native American rugs can take as long as one year to finish. The delicate weaving just boasts of amazing artisanship. Most of these are hand-woven until today. Popular names are the Mexican Guadalupe rugs, Oaxaca Mexico rugs, Spirit rugs, Zapotec Indian rugs, Mohair rugs and of course, the Navajo rugs.Do It Yourself Project

Choosing southwestern rugs for your home is truly a masterpiece. To gain an insight to the rich stories of Native America, as well as to be part of an amazing tradition existing for centuries, are priceless. You are not only displaying a breathtaking piece of art but also showing a part of history. You will feel most satisfied with southwestern rugs, especially if you’re after a native, western ambiance. The colors, designs and patterns are incomparable.

Similar to taking care of your other belongings, maintaining the quality of a southwestern rug should also be kept in mind. Below are some useful tips for caring for these decors:

Make sure to use a pad that is specially designed to keep it from slipping. A pad will also help extend the life span of your rug.

Regularly flip your rug to even out the wear and tear and treat it for bugs and carpet beetles.

Be careful not to spill anything on your southwestern rug. If it happens make sure you clean up quickly before it becomes a permanent stain.

If you’re a DIY kind of gal and prefer the faster route, you can vacuum the rug as an alternative cleaning method. Invest in a good quality vacuum machine. Another option is to bring it to a professional for a more thorough cleaning. In fact, doing this at least once a month will ascertain your rug stays in tip-top shape.

It is not a good idea to expose your southwestern rug to moisture. See that you keep it well away from plants to protect it against mildew or rot.

This amazing, historic, spiritual piece of art will add beauty and charm to any home.

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