Home Improvements With Chalk Boards

Home improvement stores seem to stock everything under the sun. This is true when it comes to chalk boards as well. You can typically find a selection of different size boards to choose from at almost any home improvement store. You’ll need to decide whether you prefer a green or black board and also the size that would fit best in the space you have. You certainly aren’t going to want to bring home a standard classroom size chalk board as most homes simply have no to hang something this large.

If you are going to it in the child’s room for now, choose one that is smaller. Kids won’t mind having less room to write, they’ll just be thrilled by the prospect of teaching other kids and even their dolls their pretend lesson plans. A chalk board should be hung on studs to ensure it’s placed securely on the wall. You may choose to hang it at whatever height best suits your child, which makes it much easier for them to write on it.

In some areas you may be able to find a can of paint that actually to transform your existing painted wall into a chalk board. This is for families that don’t want the added worry of the heavy board falling off the wall, or they simply aren’t comfortable making holes for the board. Instead a spot on the wall is taped off, and the paint applied. It dries in either a green or black color and creates a very smooth writing surface. It’s a great idea to mount moulding around the board to reflect the way traditional chalk boards look. Also a small shelf to hold the chalk and the eraser brush is essential so the child doesn’t misplace them.

Once it’s all setup your junior teacher will be ready to call the class to order. He or she will spend many hours writing on the board and you can even get involved by helping them learn to write the alphabet or do simple math equations. Chalk boards are learning tools and however the child utilizes it, whether they are the teacher or the student, they are sure to enjoy it.

Kids love playing dress-up. It helps stimulate their imagination and it can be incredibly educational as well. Whether they are pretending to be a nurse, a fireman or a teacher, emulating someone they up to teaches children a great deal about respect. If your child is fond of pretending to be the teacher to his or her friends, why not a chalk board for the home? They’ll love the idea of being able to give their lessons on it, and you’ll find a lot of good use for it once they outgrow it as well.

How to Find Chalk Board

Locate chalk board vendors by calling around local hardware stores in advance to visiting, to save on time and gas. You can also search online by typing in keywords like “chalkboard vendors + your area (city, state)” in a top search engine Google or Yahoo.

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