How To Make Your Own Paradise

How To Make Your Own Paradise
by Thomas Fryd

Having Your Own Tropical Paradise

You do not have to live on an island to have a gorgeous botanical garden; with considerate planning and some maintenance, almost anyone can have their own tropical paradise. Gardening is a rewarding experience, most people find it a satisfying, yet frustrating adventure that many people are intimidated by. Climate considerations should be taken into consideration, as not having ideal weather conditions can make growing your garden more difficult. Botanical gardening is not as hard as many think, a few simple rules do need to be observed.

The most important thing you can do, is plan everything carefully. This is the key to the success of any adventure into the world gardening.

You need take location into consideration, you need an area that is sunny and highly visible. You will want to make your tropical garden the focal part of your landscape, because you will be using various types of plants.

You will then need to condition the soil, tilling it and removing and debris or rocks. The next step is to add sand and compost, this enriches the soil and provides needed nutrients. Once you are done with planting, put down a layer of mulch to hold moisture in the soil.

Plant Stuff

Now that you have your tropical garden planted, you need to decide on the best method of irrigation. You can install a soaker hose under the soil, or you can water the plants by hand. There are styles that go with any backyard designs. It is very important to have proper drainage and not to over water your plants.

You should plan your landscape with proper layering. You need to plant higher plants in the back and taper down in size from medium, then small.

With the changing seasons, you need to bring your potted plants indoors. This will add color and pizazz to your garden and protect your plants from the elements.

Once you have set up your tropical garden, it is time to explore and purchase your plants. Some plants are more exotic looking than others, some have broad leaves, thicker stalks and fragrant flowers. You may want to consider adding the following plants to your garden:

Orchids Lilies Sisal Grass Ferns Bamboo Geraniums Rhododendrons Palms (there are many varieties to choose from) Birds of Paradise Hydrangea

If you live in an area that experiences a winter season with cold temperatures, then it is best to bring your exotic plants indoors. This is done to protect them from being damaged by the elements. It will also, create a wonderful environment in your home during the cold dreary winter months. You need to protect your bulbs as well, and avoid exposing them to freezing temperatures. Every spring remember to aerate your soil and add fresh compost, this will keep your tropical garden in tip-top condition.

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