Sleep Better With a Clear Conscience!

Part 1: Clear Conscience

Yes, it really is a simple as it sounds, it is easier to sleep better with a clear conscience.

With Global Warming very in the news and people getting more and more concerned about their Carbon Footprints, a bedding company have decided to do their best to put your mind at ease.

In February 2008 we purchased over 800 trees and proceeded to plant them on owned by one of our directors, with a promise from him that the trees be personally cared for by him, and, so long as he was involved with the company (so long as he was alive!!), never cut down!

SO, what’s the big deal? Trees, as we all know breath in the Carbon Dioxide, we, and our breath out. They therefore remove carbon from our atmosphere replacing it with oxygen.

Without getting into it too much, trees are a great way of neutralising your carbon footprint and add to the biodiversity of an area.

By no means are we claiming that we’ve reversed the Greenhouse Effect, but we have taken a step in the right direction.

Of course, online shopping is in itself an eco friendly way of going about your business. Think about it, as you sit at home doing your purchasing from the comfort of your home, your car is most likely staying in its driveway. The result? Less carbon emissions!! Less traffic on the roads, less traffic jams, less pollution, cleaner air, AND, a clearer conscience!

Not alone are we helping keep your conscience clear by encouraging online duvet and bedding shopping, but we’ve got over 800 little workers helping out every day of the year too. And as time goes by, those “Little” Alder, Ash, Oak, Beech, Birch, Rowan and Larch helpers, (native to the area where they are planted to ensure success) Won’t be so little!

Part 2: Rhymes with Down Duvets

We all love rhyme don’t we? So, here’s a little Limerick I wrote called

“Tog Blog!”

I set out one evening to blog

About duvets, their size, and their tog!

Duvets N Bedding you see, just stock great quality,

And such duvets are easy to flog!

And indeed they are easy to flog but lets face it, no matter what the quality, the wrong duvet for the wrong is just wrong! There’s nothing luxurious about freezing in bed in deepest winter, no matter how expensive or well made your duvet is. We therefore need to pay good attention to the tog rating of each duvet we purchase.

But, the good news is, it’s not rocket science. Duvets come in all varieties of Tog ratings and can be manufactured to specific requirements. Generally though, the most popular tog values would be 4.5 Tog, 6 Tog, 10.5 Tog and 1.5 Tog.

The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. So, depending on where you live you should purchase accordingly:

4.5 tog: ideal for those warm/hot summer nights.

10.5 tog: a good choice for Spring and Autumn or even Winter. Lets face it, there’s not a huge difference between the seasons of the British Climate.

1.5 tog: Great for those cold winter nights.

“All Seasons” these duvets are in fact two duvets in one. A 4.5 tog duvet and a 9 tog duvet that can be joined for the winter to make a 1.5 tog duvet, separated for the summer when you can use the 4.5 tog duvet , and simply use the 9 tog duvet for Spring/Autumn.

I guess you could call the “All Seasons Duvet” the “Jack of All Trades” type duvet.

See, I told you…..simple!

Limerick number 2

It’s Winter! new duvet! What tog?

My memory I’ll have to jog!

I could buy a book, and take a quick look.

Or just the Bedding Blog!

This article was written by Eamonn of sets

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