The Art Of Fine Gardening

by Dave Truman

Yes, in fact it is. Fine gardening can mean different things to different people but to me it’s more than just a bunch of plants growing in a garden. It includes everything about gardening, combining it all into a garden that meets all your expectations.

My love of gardening does just come from the finished product, but from the hours of love that I spend planning and designing it – from the moment an idea comes to me to the pleasure of seeing it come to fruition. Anyone who steps into view of my garden should gain an appreciation for the art in it, not just the size or shape of the plants. It should be a place that is peaceful and calm, where people can enjoy spending their time.

A water feature – something that produces a soothing sound continuously – is a for me. A nice lotus or water lily for some color, and maybe even a few fish. Some ferns and leafy plants around the pond, and this is complete.

Under ideal circumstances a big tree sits in the corner of the garden, with a nice dark brown trunk just a little to big to get my arms all the way around. The green leaves and branches spill down to the ground with a satisfyingly controlled chaos. But a few saplings may have to do, with the knowledge they will one day be the I want.

Since green is my target for the moment, I’d also see about laying a lovely shady lawn that you can sink your bare feet into when taking a turn about your garden.

I love the idea of a Zen garden, but prefer colors and lots of plants, so I would incorporate this feature into my fine gardening efforts by placing a path, naturally made out of rough hewn stone, zigzagging in a leisurely course through the garden.

As a finishing touch, there’s a small alcove, hidden from view until you’re in the garden, with a nice view of the entire garden, some shade and a nice hammock or chair to sit and enjoy the results of my work.

In the distance I would set about placing a few boulders, pleasing in stature and color to the eye, surrounded perhaps by a few flowers.

And amidst all this fine splendor I would walk amongst my heartfelt efforts of fine gardening and sigh in satisfaction and peace. For what more is there to gardening, than the art of fine gardening.

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