Mold in the Bathroom

by Rio Calven

Most of us ignore the little known tile or stain known as molds. Sure, aside from feeling icky for the feet, or just plain looking nasty; molds are just harmless little critters, right? They’re just…oh, I dunno, plants?

Dead wrong. Molds can trigger a lesser known danger in the household that could very well be the start of future health risks. allergies. Those who have experienced any form of allergy know how risky and dangerous having an attack is. An allergy occurs when your immune system overreacts and overrides bodily functions to expel the irritatant, in the case of molds being the spores that they expel when it is the season for reproduction.

Mold allergies make you cough, sneeze, give you red eyes, and sometimes exhibit the same symptoms as one that would have an asthma attack. This includes restricted airways, difficulty in breathing, and fluids in the lungs. The best thing to do is to take your meds, and remove the source of the problem.

and Grout is one good option to consider, should you want to permanently remove those nasty molds in your grout and in your tiles. The company uses special sealing methods to make sure that no mold or grime would stick to your grout, preventing mold growth and tile rot from below. This is also a good investment for your floors and your bathroom. Millions of dollars are spent and wasted on floor renovations, repairs and enhancement.

Black mold is a silent killer nowadays, hiding in the comfort, moisture and humidity of your bathroom. You can safely control this threat by making sure to air out your bathroom often, keeping it dry to a minimum, wiping the tiles down with a solution of bleach and keep a keen eye out. Prevention is better than a pound of cure.

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