Infrared Sauna?

An infrared is much better than a traditional sauna in many ways. Many of these ways include time, heat penetration, and they are more economical. You might consider these benefits if you are considering a sauna in your home or your business.

warm up much quicker than the traditional saunas. You might find yourself waiting for long periods of time in a traditional sauna. The time it takes to warm an infrared is only about 15 minutes or 20 minutes at the most. A traditional sauna can take up to an hour to warm up to temperatures you want it to be. This is one of the biggest benefits of an infrared sauna.

Another major benefit of an infrared is the heat penetration. Traditional saunas warm the body by environmental heat. This requires the temperatures to get to 170 degrees up to 210 degrees. This can be extremely uncomfortable and often hard to breathe for some people. The infrared sauna has an output of infrared rays that do not heat the atmosphere but your body directly. The rays penetrate the body directly which allows for a better temperature in the environment of the sauna. This allows you to breathe better and you can enjoy it better. Many elderly people, children, and physically disabled people cannot sit in a traditional sauna because of the atmospheric temperature around them and the difficulty they have breathing. An infrared sauna is much more pleasant and everyone can enjoy the health benefits.

Infrared saunas are also very economical. If you like to enjoy your two to three times a week or even on a daily basis then you might notice your power bill increase approximately $10 a month. This is not much at all. The use of a traditional sauna a few times each week has the ability to double your electric bill entirely. They are not very economical and they are very expensive to run. The infrared saunas don’t require special electrical wiring either. All you need for an infrared sauna is a standard electrical outlet. If you are thinking of putting a sauna in your business then hands down the infrared will be the most cost effective model to buy. You will have less of a bill allowing for more profits.

Another benefit the infrared has over the traditional models is that they don’t require you to periodically pour water over rocks. Infrared saunas don’t require you to do anything but relax while the infrared rays do the work. In addition, you don’t take a risk of getting burned if water splashes up off of the rocks onto you or you accidentally touch one of the rocks. This can be painful.

An infrared many more benefits than a traditional one. You don’t have to wait as long for the temperatures to get hot enough, it is more cost effective, and the heat penetrates your body and not the entire atmosphere around you. You consider these differences if you are looking to make a purchase.

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