What Should You Look for in a Quality Garden Shed Plan?

What Should You Look for in a Quality Garden Shed Plan?
by tony bueler

Not all garden shed designs have the kind of information that will help make your job easy when building your own garden shed. But there are some things you should know which will help you evaluate which plans are of better quality.

You will of course need multiple plans to help you decide which type of garden shed fits your taste as well as budget. It should include a ‘deluxe shed plan’ which gives you the prints for vinyl siding and trim. It should also include the economy version which gives you the wood siding version.

If the garden shed plans are lacking in any of these areas- easy to read building plans, complete materials list, full size rafter templates, door and window framing instructions, then you may want to pass and look at other prints. And by having the full size rafter template the hardest part of building a shed just became easier. The rafter template can just be traced on to the rafters to make the cutting job much easier. This eliminates the mistakes in trying to read a framing square.

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These are a few of the things that make garden shed plans useful: – a full list of materials list – complete roof plans – plans detailing the roof rafters – complete full-size rafter cut templates – instructions for both concrete and wood foundations – window and door framing instructions to adjust size and location

What makes the garden shed plans complete is if it includes how to install shingles to make a leak-proof roof, as well as instructions on how to install vinyl siding if you choose.

When the extra time and care is taken to make the garden shed plans easy to read and ready to be put to use, you will be able to take full credit and great pride in a job that you will be able to show off for a long time!

But what if, after you purchase the plans it isn’t to your taste? What if after you purchase the garden shed designs you decide that a different style would work out better for your taste?

Well, you need to make sure that it comes with some sort of guarantee. If the garden shed plan designer is confident of his blueprints and designs, they will stand by it with a full money back guarantee. Anything less than that should give you second thoughts about purchasing them!

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