Need an Additional Hobby? Choose Quilting

Need an Additional Hobby? Choose Quilting
by Showtime Quilters Directory

Quilting has become an ever popular method of expressing creativeness and innermost sentiments with vast arrays of color and fabric. Becoming quickly immersed in the world of quilting is quite common. It can even incite searching for the most recently released fabrics and patterns that will infiltrate your mind with even more projects to pursue.

An innovative company has produced a group of publications that feature contact information for quilt shops across the country. With over 4500 quilt shops listed, the ‘Showtime Quilter’s Guide and Directory’ by WRBQ, Inc. has more than twice the listings than that of their closest competitor. The convenience of using this spiral bound quilt shop directory has surpassed expectations of many. You will find national quilt guide to be the most comprehensive quilt shop directory available to purchase. The ‘travel pages’ give you a heads up by town as you are traveling, while the ‘yellow pages’ are listed alphabetically by the state of their location. Twice yearly WRBQ, Inc. fastidiously contacts each and every quilt shop to confirm the quilt shops have remained at the same location and is still in business prior to each twice yearly printing.

Local quilt guilds show off their latest creations at the quilt stores they frequent. You will also learn many quilt guilds and some quilt shops host quilt shows. The ‘Showtime Quilter’s Guide and Directory’ lists many of these events allowing quilters to plan a road trip in accordingly with these shows taking in as many quilt shows as possible. Ultimately many of the gorgeous quilts will be sold or raffled at these activities across the United States and new patterns are created. Quilters are given the additional option of referring to the online quilt shop guide that is available byHome Hobbies Deals WRBQ, Inc. to anyone with internet access. You will find many pattern and fabric designers have gotten their start in business through their local quilt guild.

Using a quilt shop resource or online quilt shop guide to find the many quilt shops tucked into small and quaint communities has broadened the horizons for many new quilters, whether they be from a metropolitan area or the wide open spaces across the country. The prospect of locating that perfect piece of fabric to include in a project you have conjured up in your mind makes you continue your quest during every extra moment that can be squeezed out of each busy day. While you find it hard to describe just what you are after, you understand you will know it when you see it. That certain piece, if it exists, will jump right out at you and it will be just what you have been searching for. You have envisioned it, you can feel it, and you know what you want.

At some point, your quilt shop directory will have taken you to many a quilter’s shop hops, quilt shows, online quilt shops and quilt shops that you will have created a ‘stash’ as an accumulation of various fabrics has been coined. The true quilter can never have enough fabric in their ‘stash’, but at least you will have somewhere to start your next project.

With such exciting horizons and great quilt shop resources in the quilting world who wouldn’t want to start dabbling in quilting?

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