Caring for your Ceramic Tiles 2

by Rio Calven

For shower rooms and or bathroom tiles, pardon me for the next few things that I might say. Tiles would usually get hit by soap and soap scum, bath oils and salts, wax, urine, blood and even fecal matter. Quite possible that almost everything that the body expels, the bathroom would be the one to receive it for disposal. Don’t forget the chemicals from shampoos, conditioners, lotions, creams and bubble bath solutions as well; all of them can be harsh to your tiles in their own right.

Organic matter, if unchecked, can harbor more deadly forms of diseases than your average joe schmuck. From simple diarrhea, to something more toxic, the bathroom must be prioritized for cleanliness. As they say, a man’s house can be judged from his bathroom alone. There are certain bathrooms that are clean enough to eat, and I’m sure every housekeeper would like his or her bathroom to be known as that. A bathroom clean enough to eat dinner on.

Firstly, focus on your corner tiles and grout. Notice if there are black splotches or stains on them. This could be the first signs of black mold, which is kind of like a dangerous variety of molds. Eliminate with the hydrogen peroxide solution, and give the other tiles a quick run over as well. Work your elbow grease and show the mold who’s boss.

Do a little scrubbing with your tile cleaners and have a bit of sunshine into the bathroom as well. If there is no window with visible sunlight, it would be rather impossible; so the of artificial lighting can be encouraged as well. Air your bathroom out. Most germs require some form of moisture, and depriving them of this would inhibit their growth by up a few factors.

Bathrooms aren’t infinitely as dirty as you think they are. More and more developments happen with tiles everyday. There are tiles that resist , tiles that purport anti-bacterial qualities, but nevertheless, personal vigilance and is key to successful maintenance

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