Successful Home Make-Over: No To Decorating Mistakes

Successful Home Make-Over: No To Decorating Mistakes
by Kyle Larson

There are dozens of television shows and magazines devoted solely to home decorating. When you decide to redecorate your home, you should have no problem finding some great ideas. Most people begin by choosing a paint color or some furniture that they love and then they design their room around those choices. This is not always the best strategy. If you want to design a room that you will enjoy for years, you should avoid a few common decorating mistakes.

In starting any decorating work, paint or color should not be number one on your list. Most folks think that painting should be done first as it can be time consuming. This is a big mistake. Color should actually be dependent on the existing pieces in the room. Choose the room’s focal point and outstanding decors and suit the color with those pieces, instead of the other way around. You will not only save more bucks, but you will save more time as well.

Neutral color as wall paint is the way to go, especially if you intend to change your decorations anytime soon. Of course, choosing a bright shade is acceptable. However, it will be an inconvenience on your part if the color will not suit your future decors, as you would have to do some repainting work. With a neutral tone, any kind of decors and all other colors can be easily matched. Changing your area rugs, curtains, carpet or furniture will be hassle-free as your walls will be a real chameleon in neutral shade, going well with every change in the room.

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Another decorating mistake is foregoing accessories. Doing so will strip a room of added beauty and personality. It is best to select accessories that reflect your tastes, inspiration piece or style. The embellishments in your living space will boost its attractive factor. Using unique designs will add spunk and style to the room. Start with bigger items first so you can get a feel for the whole room, then slowly add smaller items as you deem necessary to complement the rest of the room.

Forgetting texture or material is also considered a decorating blunder. No way should you disregard the impact of appropriate and appealing textures in home improvement. Similar textures are fine but so are mixed ones. For instance, silk and leather can be used together. Velvet can also be maximized as cover for accessories such as for picture frames and throw pillows.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of ignoring your floor. Many people completely overlook their flooring when redecorating a room. They assume that if they have nice carpet or hardwood floors, then they don’t need to change anything. Every beautiful room should have an area rug, even if it covers beautiful flooring. Area rugs add another element of texture and additional color to the room. Resist the temptation to purchase a plain area rug that blends in with your design. Rugs offer an ideal opportunity to add an unexpected twist to your design. If your room is decorated with modern design elements, a traditional rug can add a touch of elegance that boosts the decor from typical to extraordinary. Don’t overlook the power of an area rug to add the finishing touch on a beautiful room.

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