The Landscaping Garden

A Romantic Design

Landscaping Gardens are a reference to a garden style that was popular in eighteenth century. This style was very popular with the English who took the design to heart. This style is very romantic and elegant. One of the shining lights of landscaping gardens was Lancelot Brown, an English architect and landscaper of great renown. Many of his creations are alive today. You can find just a few fine examples here:

Burghley House Garden

Blenheim Palace Garden

Harewood House Garden

Chatsworth Garden

are several locations on the web where the landscape gardens are discussed, many with pictures. I encourage you to have a look.

Landscaping Garden: A Modern Term for an Old Design

However, the term landscaping garden only began to be used in the twentieth century and this concept in fact, has a number features that set it apart from other types of gardens. To begin with, is need to prepare drawings and make plans as well as schedule a timeframe to construct the landscape.

Landscape Garden was coined in the twentieth century, but the concept of design has changed little since the days of Brown. It is a formal style garden and therefore needs some thought applied before the action.

The chief points to consider when venturing on to this are:

1. The preparation of drawings and other plans to mark the course of the landscaping and the feature locations.

2. Specifications and quotes for clearing, debris hauling, and materials.

3. Division of labor between do-it-yourself projects and hired projects.

4. General contractor agreements and hired firms.

Naturally, this is a very “high level” objective set, the actual negotiations for services, design, and labor are more time intensive. The formal landscaping garden is not for the timid or the uninitiated; it is a serious endeavor and as most large projects go, it can be quite a drain on cash, time and patience. On the positive side, when complete, the landscape garden is park like, very beautiful, often like a playground, and very serene.

Landscaping the Home

Up to now, this article has been rather grandiose in its treatment of the landscape garden style. The examples quoted above are huge estates. It the impression was given that this style is not for the private home then nothing could be further from the truth.

On the smaller scale of the private home, landscape gardens can incorporate things like greenhouses, outdoor patios, and dining spaces without obliterating the beautiful but formal design style. If those modern element can be fitted into the design at concept (rather than after construction of the landscape garden), then their decidedly modern profile can be camouflaged in the design, either by stone or hedge features for instance. is no reason why even a BBQ can’t be made to look “indigenous” with just a little ingenuity!

Pretty in the Planning

To get the best out of landscaping garden you will no doubt have to plan everything properly so as to ensure that each option is given its proper space; other than that, the possibilities facing the gardener are endless and it is up to your own imagination just how much you are able to get out of your landscaping garden.

Getting the best result out of your landscape garden will require planning and careful attention to detail. To ensure you can incorporate all your ideas and needs while still maintaining that classic look you’re seeking, all you have to do is think, plan, and design. After that, the opportunities and possibilities of your landscape garden are endless!

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