Game Rooms With Character

Game Rooms With Character
by Scarlet Mars

Every house if you have young children will need a game room. This is where everyone will be drawn to play and enjoy themselves. Many people introduce a billiard table, card table, or even an arcade system into their game room. Many game rooms have themes to them whether it is sports or just activities posted all around. Many families use their game room when having a super bowl party or other sporting events.

Before you design your game room take into consideration that will be using this space. What age should you target the room to fit. If it’s for children you’ll be choosing a lighter more playful contrast rather than what you would for your husband and his friends.

With a game room that is used a lot, you know the traffic going through is going to be higher. So you will need to keep in mind the food and drinks that will be in this room. If a younger age is using the room there may be more spills. But even if it’s adults you will still have some spills.

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If you are placing a pool table in your game room why not add a great area rug underneath it for an accent. If the spill of a drink would land on the carpet, it’s easier to just throw it into the wash or spray it off with the hose rather than the existing carpet which can stain. If it’s a cemented floor you’ll definitely need a larger area rug to cover most of the space to make it more comfortable when walking on the ground.

When you pick an area rug out, make sure you go with a color that isn’t going to show spills as easily.

When shopping around for a great area rug check to see if anyone sells rugs designed just for game rooms. Many have ones with designs of dart boards or other game themed rugs. This will be a great addition into the game room theme.

Depending on the age theme for the room, you could add more memorabilia to give more character into the game room. If it’s for the younger crowd add a few pictures of the children if they are into sports. It will be more personal and will also be another area in the home where you can load up with pictures of the family. Make sure to keep in mind you don’t want to purchase anything which is expensive since it may be a high traveled room and you don’t want to get upset if it breaks. You never know what goes on in a game room or what could be flying above.

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