Make Your House Look Like a Model Home

Make Your House Look Like a Model Home
by Winston J. Warren

Is your new home looking a bit plain and far less impressive or inviting than the model homes decorated by your builder? Are you starting to wonder if your new home will ever look as good as you had imagined or if it is doomed to remain dull and lifeless?

Here’s how you can get your home looking every bit as good as those model homes or the houses in magazines. Start with with one specific room in the model home or in a magazine that you absolutely love. Let’s call this your dream room.

If it is possible, head on over to the model home to study the particular space or room as this will get you the best results.

Ask if you may take pictures in the models too. This will help when you get home and when you shop. Take a tape measure and a spiral notebook with you to make notes and draw sketches. I like the ones with plastic tabs and pockets inside.

Ask yourself what in particular it is that strikes you about the room. Are all the walls the same color and the ceiling too? Consider the room’s colors – which have been highlighted? Write everything down.

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Next consider if there a is chair rail or decorative molding. Check out the wall covering – does it have faux painting? What about the floor? Is there tile, wood, carpet, or maybe even area rugs? What are their color and texture and pattern? Is the area rug braided or a more contemporary design?

What style is the furniture? Do all the woods match? Is it a matching set? Maybe the couch and club chairs are of the same style, but the chairs have a particular pattern and the sofa is a solid or striped fabric.

If the room is a kitchen, are there leather bar stools? Or maybe more trendy piston style stools? If so, make note of this, taking pictures if possible for later reference.

Consider how the furniture is arranged. Draw yourself a floor plan so you dont forget when you get home. When you head back home, you should have a list of ideas of how you can improve your own room.

At the outset, you should concentrate on the smaller details. Maybe rearrange your furniture to see how it changes your room’s look and feel. Work your way up to painting and window treatments. Finally, if you have the cash, splurge on an item like new, trendy leather bar stools or a love seat. Be patient. Work on it little by little. If you take these steps, in time you will have your a dream room to call your own.

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