What’s Up With Carbonite Online Backup In March

What's Up With Carbonite Online Backup In March
by Rollin Butler

Carbonite Online Backup clients will be able to get to their online backup from anywhere they can a computer connected to the internet using the new remote file access capability. This tool supplies a n added level of convenience by permiting you to safely and securely retrieve single files from the Carbonite site. This capability should be available for use as of March 16th.

In the past year the company has improved the value of the Carbonite Online Backup product, by adding several new features adding a searchable restore drive. Therefore, with the addition of remote file access, they will be increasing the price of the service. (Prices cant stay the same forever, I wish they could though)

A synopsis of the new pricing schedule is offered below:

– 1 year: $54.95

– 2 year: $99.95

– 3 year: $129.95

Even with the new higher prices, the solution provides an affordable service. Looking at the numbers, the service only went up $5 per year.

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Carbonite for Mac is the backup solution for Mac users. Once again, the service provides unlimited backup space for the same prices above. Carbonite for Mac like Carbonite for Windows – you just set it and forget it. The Carbonite application runs quietly and unobtrusively in the background, automatically backing up your important emails, documents, photos and other files.

Carbonite for Mac officially launched on March 16th.

Carbonite online backup uses a mix of encryption techniques, liken to those used by financial institutions such as banks, to protect their information. Before your data leaves your computer, files are encrypted twice and only then do they depart from your computer and once they reach the server they stay encrypted on their servers, making it virtually unattainable for anyone to gain access your files without your private password. The option is available for a User to supply their own encryption key.

Carbonite backs up all of the files in your Documents and Settings folder (called Users in Windows Vista), including documents, photos, email and data files from applications, such as tax documents, accounting documents, etc. Once a subscription is acquired, music is also added to the list. Programs, system files, temporary files, videos, or individual files greater than 4GB are not included in the default backup. Gain of a ny of these files to your Carbonite Online Backup can be accomplished manually.

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