What to Add in a Contemporary Kitchen Design

by Torrie Cantor

More and more homeowners are choosing contemporary kitchen these days. These designs are functional and usually answer the needs of modern homeowners. Here are some great elements that you should remember to add to a contemporary kitchen.

Sleek Pieces

Contemporary styles mostly have fine lines and sleek designs. Your storage units can come in light or dark finished wood with smooth surfaces. That means no external pulls and handles. Many recent storage unit models now also come in specially coated stainless steel. These easily match the stainless steel refrigerator and appliances that are a staple in contemporary kitchens. For a moderate look, stainless steel can be incorporated with wood and glass elements.

Fewer Items

Although modern kitchen designers may go against certain elements, they usually share one idea in though-minimalism. Contemporary designs work best when there is less. This concept is supported by linear geometric designs or patterns. It is a must for you to keep surfaces as clean and as free of objects as possible. Small appliances can be kept in recessed sections or in table top cabinets.

Soft and Bright Colors

A contemporary kitchen comes to life with an interplay of minimal colors. Just as there should be minimal items, there should also be minimal colors. You can a major subdued color accent like white, brown, black or metallic and pair it with one or two bright colors like red and electric blue. You should always remember though that size should be considered when finalizing kitchen colors. Smaller kitchens should always have light colors. Pastel colors will make your kitchen look bigger than it really is.


Modern kitchens should have modern lighting techniques. You can accomplish this by going for lights in recesses or directional hanging lights in metal cones. One important thing that you should never neglect though is that all kitchens, regardless of should provide clear lighting. This is a rule that cannot be compromised for the sake of design. Kitchen lights protect you from injury during food preparation.

Floor and Space

Kitchen floor is just as important as your kitchen walls. Ceramic tiles and cleverly designed linoleum are cheap options for kitchen floors. If you can spare a few more dollars though, you can go for granite or that come with linear designs.

You may want to keep your floor areas as open and spacious as possible. If you have a small kitchen, you can easily achieve this by removing all barriers that separate the different parts of your house. Your kitchen floor can merge with your living room and dining area. Floor material and lighting can provide the distinction if you feel that there is a need to break areas.

There are designs for different kitchen shapes and sizes. If you aren’ sure about what you like, the best course of action would be to ask an expert to help you. He may have truly contemporary ideas that you may want to apply on your kitchen.

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