Special Cleaning Care For Oriental Rugs

Special Cleaning Care For Oriental Rugs
by Jennifer Lukas

Oriental rugs aren’t like your regular area rug; they need to be taken care of in a special way. To maintain the life of the Oriental rug you have follow specific instructions when cleaning one. You need to make sure you are ready to invest time into an oriental rug rather than using it as a possession.

You will have to protect oriental rugs from wear and tear. If you are thinking of placing this where there is high traffic all the time, you might want to choose another destination for the rug. Oriental rugs should be treated like mattresses, flipped every once in awhile.

Another way to protect Oriental rugs is to clean the piece properly. When one walks on a soiled carpet, its lifespan is reduced. Sand and dirt that is embedded will deteriorate the carpet. It is recommended that carpets should be cleaned every four or five years. A test can be performed to determine if it is time for a cleaning. Take a white cloth that has been dampened and rub the pile briskly. If there is an extreme amount of dirt that appears on the white cloth, it is time for a cleaning.

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Professional cleaners should undertake the following cleaning procedures. The first step is to loosen as much dirt and dust as possible. A common tool of the cleaning professional is a giant tumbler made specifically for this task. Before placing the rug in the tumbler, the rug will be examined for any weak areas. Sewing gauze may be placed on those areas to protect them. A test for color fastness will have to be conducted before exposing the rug to water. If the dyes are steady, the piece is laid out flat and completely wetted. Chlorine can damage so some experts filter the water. Then the rug is scrubbed by brushes attached to poles. Machines cannot do the scrubbing because the wool pile would be destroyed.

Another important part of the cleaning is what cleaner you use. Unformulated detergents will work the best on your Oriental rug. Check to see if the wool is getting dry, if so add some conditioner. Using some denatured vinegar will help to hold the dies into the rug. After the washing process the rug will need to be dried, and than brushing out the rug in order to improve the texture of the rug, and it will also become softer.

Touch up cleaning can be performed at home. This is in between regular professional cleanings. The pile can be sponged with cold water to refresh. Use a little denatured white vinegar and water. The ratio should be 1/4 cup of denatured white vinegar to one gallon of water. The fringe can be cleaned with soap and water but be careful not to bleach it. Never shake or beat an Oriental rug to get rid of dust. A vacuum cleaner can be used but you need to be careful not to catch the fringe in the vacuum. Also, a broom can be used. The main point is to treat Oriental rugs carefully when cleaning.

Always remember that an oriental rug isn’t like your traditional area rugs. These take more time and dedication when purchased.

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