Get Outside This Weekend And Get To Work

by Paull Ladel

By this time of the year when the starts to peep in, I seem to be a little slower and lazier than normal. I would rather just curl up inside the house and wait for spring to come. I constantly comfort myself of the fact that soon enough, the snow and ice will leave us again and before we even know it, it’s time to get outside and work on the and landscape! With that in mind, why don’t we make a plan?

As early as now, we can decide as to which outdoor chores can be possibly done once the sun comes out again. We can also start thinking or eyeing professionals whom we can ask to take care of our homes.

Take a look ar these outside tasks which you may want to consider:

Lawn Cutting

If you’re just like me, then I am sure that you enjoy cutting gras on your own and enjoying the very moment of “just being outside.” True enough, there is nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass on a weekend morning. And so as early as now, you better get your mower and have it tuned up. Check the oil, the spark plug and sharpen the blade.

If you are thinking of hiring someone, make sure that you call your company now and make sure that they have your name on their reservation list.

Lawn Treatments

Apart from keeping your lawn mowed each week, you also want to keep it weed-free and green. This only means that you might need to apply products which can thicken the turf, knocks out weeds and greens up the entire lawn. If you plan of making DIY treatments, it is highly encouraged that you decide on which products to decide now.

Make sure that you get yourself signed up now if you have plans of calling a pro lawn spraying service. We do not want crab grass or weeds taking over our lawns just because of laziness and procastination. Our will help us develop a program designed to the needs of our lawn.


Pest control is something that I have never tried on my own. Personally, I think that calling an exterminator is very necessary especially in my area where mice remain a constant problem. I have always opted for Terminix because they are always equipped to handle anything and everything that crops up.

I also subscribe for their service to treat the inside of my house once a year to scare spiders and other insects away. So far, I have always gotten positive results which is why I sign my contract early for every season.

The activities mentioned above are only three considerations for the spring. Getting started on your outdoor maintenance can be a lot of fun. Start making calls now to make sure that you get your home in the reservation list.

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