Start Those Summer Home Improvement Projects Now

Start Those Summer Home Improvement Projects Now
by JT Miller

It may not be warm and sunny in your part of the country, but it’s officially spring which means it’s time to start thinking about all the things you want to do the outside of your home. By starting early you can actually take advantage of some early sales, get a better idea of what you want to do and even finish your projects early enough to enjoy the summer months!

Springtime is an ideal time to begin a lot of outside projects that involve planting things because the frequent rain and mild weather help seeds and starter plants get a good start on the season. During these spring you don’t have to worry about the heat of the summer so it’s more fun to work outside and get things done in advance. Here are three great home exterior projects you can start right now:

Inspect and Clean GutterCheap Hand Toolss: The gutters of your house probably took a beating through the winter months. Ice and water and all sorts of debris from late fall can do quite a number on gutters and if you haven’t replaced them in a while. You might may want to check them over for leaks or weak points. A leaky gutter could sending water against your home and that can cause wood to rot around your roof line.

Plant Grass:Early summer is an excellent time to plant new grass seed for your lawn because rainfall is high and the temperatures are still moderate. But don’t believe that just scattering some grass seed over your lawn is all you have to do. To really get a green lawn you’ll want to use some advanced methods for growing grass quickly around your home. Remember that all grass, especially new lawns, really need a lot of water to get started.

Make New Flowerbeds: If you’ve been in your home for a couple years then your flower beds around your home are probably aging and maybe even falling apart. The spring is an ideal time to get outside while it’s still mild and put together some new flower beds. Learning how to make a wooden flower bed is not difficult if you’re handy with just a few tools and you don’t mind a little work.

Spring is a great time to get your home ready for summer. The warm weather makes it easier to spend a lot of time outside and the sale prices on home improvement materials and supplies usually can’t be beat. A little hard work during these next few months will make the summer all the more relaxing and enjoyable!

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