Landscaping Ideas – How to Be Different and Have a Very Special Landscape

What makes a landscape design stand out from the usual designs you see all the time? How do you go about having a landscape that everyone talks about and thinks is very special?

First of all you have to start with a good basic design. It must function and yet the layout must have creativity to it. In addition, features should be added that are not run of the mill. So…what are some of special features?

You can add special features to a patio to make it special. It might be a seatwall which provides a vertical element and also nice seating. You might also add a circle design, depending on which material is being used.

You also might consider adding a landscape structure to your design. This might be an outdoor pergola, which can be part of your patio design or it can be incorporated into your swimming decking. Gazebos are another nice feature. They can be located in an open lawn area, integrated into your swimming pool decking and sometimes be added to a large patio.

Consider creating a special entry into your back yard. A beautiful arbor will make a statement. Place plantings or fencing on either side of the arbor to anchor it. You can also add decorative fencing with a lovely gate. Gates can be straigh acroos on the top or they can be curved. I happen to love “moon gates”. interesting gates have a large circle typically formed from wood where you can see through the garden gate.

Sculptures are nice features also. Often they are thought of as formal, but this does not have to be the case at all. What about a carved bear? There are also quite a few interesting contemporary ones that just might add a twist of interest to an otherwise very natural looking garden. Sculptures, fountains or even an urn on a pedestal look well, located in a special place on your property. It might be in a lawn area, in an intimate small garden space, on a patio, or tucked into some plantings.

And who can resist a garden pond? Ponds can be very naturalistic with a tumbling waterfall, or they can be more formal with a fountain in the center. An idea that I like and one which is not used often is to have “bubblers” in your pond or pool. are subtle mechanisms that make the pond bubble in certain areas. Sometimes there are just a few “bubbles” and other times there are many.

Driveway designs can be made of a simple material such as loose stone or asphalt and they can be edged with concrete pavers, natural stone, travertine or Belgian block. You can also add a circle kit design either at the entry or near your walkway. A circle design is a pattern of either concrete or travertine pavers which radiate from the center a circle.

Many people don’t take the time to think about adding features to their landscape, but by doing so, you will most likely have a garden which will be greatly admired.

Susan Schlenger is a Landscape Designer with a degree in Landscape Architecture. You can read more about Landscaping Ideas at her website, Landscape Design Advice.

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