Culinary in Craft Fairs

Culinary in Craft Fairs
by Mara Hernandez-Capili

Craft fairs can make us tired and hungry. The colorful sights and sounds and the continuous bargaining, haggling, walking and looking for interesting items can be pretty tiring and energy zapping. What could be more comfortable than a quick rest and a plate of food? Craft fairs are laden with numerous food stalls and kiosks that provide quick relief to hungry stomachs.

Let me enumerate one by one the usual food or culinary treats that shoppers tend to enjoy in craft fairs. Hotdog stands are a classic favorite as they are cheap, easy to cook and delicious. They are also one of the foods that automatically drop down hunger pangs as theyre content are very filling. Finish a hotdog snack with a glass of cold refreshment and feel your energy boost and stamina revive as you hop on to another shopping adventure. Hotdogs are usually paired up with French fries or burgers.

Ice cream is also a favorite as the continuous shopping can make buyers long for a cold and refreshing treat. One sure way to beat the summer heat and refresh is a cone of ice cream treat. Ice cream are also reportedly very famous for kids so they can have something to keep themselves busy while their parents go about doing their business at crafts fairs.

Barbecue is also a popular treat at craft fairs. The aroma of grilling barbecue is a perfect foreground and invitation for shoppers and spectators to come in and see the inside of the craft festival. The smoke coming from the grill is like a tempting signal for hungry shoppers to come and dine. Other craft fair foods include onion rings, burgers, ice cones, popsicles, junk foods, etc. the list goes on and connoisseurs are coming up with new and delectable additions year after year.

Now that we’ve enumerated a list of some of the most popular culinary treats in craft fairs, its your time to tell me whats your most favorite among all of them.

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