The Importance of a Good Guarantee

The Importance of a Good Guarantee
by Tom Sanderrs

A guarantee is an important part of buying a product. Risk free buying is smart buying. You want to always have a guarantee with the product you purchase; you never know what might go wrong. Ideally it should be unconditional and if possible the shipping should be free. There are several reasons why you should always buy a product with a guarantee. Here are a few.

Why do you need a guarantee?

* In case of a defect in product: Even if you are buying from a reliable company defective products can occur. Not everything works perfectly and sometimes goods are already defective from the manufacturer. That is why it is best to find a company that offers a replacement without charging you for the shipping.

* Shows the business cares about its customers: a company that includes a good guarantee with its products shows that it cares about its customers. There is nothing worse than having something go wrong only to realize that the business you’re dealing with couldn’t give a fig if you don’t ever come back. As times get a little tougher these unscrupulous organizations begin to show their true colors.

* You can have confidence in your purchase: There is a lot of inconvenience involved with having to make return trips to businesses because the product is either faulty or not as advertised. Much more sLearn Interior Decoratingo when the product has to be shipped away to be repaired instead of replaced. This is especially the case if the purchase is for business purposes and other jobs or repairs have to wait for the offending product to return.

The advantages of a guarantee for a business:

* Puts them ahead of the competition: Offering an absolute guarantee puts a company at the front of the competition. The better the refund policy the more additional sales a business can make.

* A quality brand: Some businesses have turned their guarantee into a well known part of their company name. When customers associate a business with a quality guarantee it will mean more sales.

* Build loyalty with customers: A company will gain more customers if they offer a good guarantee and honour their customer’s needs. Referrals and viral marketing is a great way to build a customer base but word of mouth is one of the marketing strategies that always works. The customers you have will become a great marketing tool and will not cost any money.

Understanding the different guarantees offered is essential. The best ones will offer you a no hassle absolute guarantee. They will not make you jump through hoops to get your refund or replacement. When you receive the goods the shipping should be free as well as returning it because of its substandard quality or that you are not satisfied. This is difficult to find but it’s only fair to the customer if the product is defective.

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