An Honest Review of VSTPlatinum – 1700 VST Plugins

An Honest Review of VSTPlatinum - 1700 VST Plugins
by Patric Johnson

After years of frustration of not being able to afford expensive synthesizers to create my own music I never gave up surfing the net in the hopes of finding something affordable. During one of my feeling sorry for myself surfing episodes I came across VST Platinum. I almost didn?t stop to look at it because as soon as I saw the word Platinum I figured for sure it was going to be way beyond my financial pocket book.

However my desire to read everything I possible can about music making made me press on to read more of the sales letter. The very first few lines were intriguing. One can only imagine what owning 1700 VST plugins and sound effects would be like. I know that a professional plugin like those from Steinberg would cost hundreds of dollars. My thought was even if I could afford to own the VST platinum system it would be years before I would become adept at it.

What I Liked About It

Right there in print it told me that I could start producing within five minutes even as a newbie to VST?s. I thought this for sure must be some type of typing error. As I continued to read I found though that, this was no error. This meant no experience necessary and that was most definitely me.

I was impressed to read about Greg Hoffman, who is the maker of this amazing system. He had experience and it was first hand. Greg has been a sound engineer for 25 years, so if you don?t know music by that time you never will.

I was even further impressed when I learned that Greg had worked with renowned named companies such as Sony BMG Music. I mean to work for the big guns you had to know your stuff.

Product Reviews

Greg was so sure of the performance of VST platinum that he was even willing to give away a very in-depth report on how to get the most out of music creation without the big costs. If he hadn?t said his report was free, I would have figured that there had been big bucks to be put out just for it alone.

When I continued reviewing the information, I was amazed that not only did VST platinum collection have over 1700 VST superior plugins; it also contained 4000 sound effects.

Although I like almost any kind of music, I wondered if I would be happy with just the few types of music a system like this would be able to offer or would I become bored. Imagine my surprise when I read about the numerous types of music that is achievable with this system. No need to give boredom a second thought.

Up until this point, there just wasn?t anything I could say that I didn?t like, but then all of a sudden there it was.

What I Didn’t Liked About It

The cost! Don?t get me wrong the price value of $1,838.00 was an absolutely amazing deal. Unfortunately as inexpensive as it was it was still out of my price range of being able to afford it. Therefore, I figured I would just scroll to the bottom of the page to get some contact information just in case it was to come on sale in the future.

I Was Wrong About The Price

When I got to the bottom of the page there in big bold letters was $37. I figured this must be for some type of lesson book, but when I looked closer, I saw it was the price of the complete VST Platinum Package. It probably took me all of 2 seconds to grab my credit card to make my order. I couldn?t risk it being sold out.

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