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If you think you already have everything in your toolbox, think again. Have you checked your toolbox yet? Do you still have your drill press around?

Have you checked your toolbox lately? Do you have a drill press in it? A drill press is a permanent style of drill that may be mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor or workbench. Drill presses let you drill holes in metal, wood and a variety of other materials. There are several important pointers to be considered before buying drill presses.

There are two types available in the market of drill presses. The floor-standing drill press models that tender more power and can typically handle a wider range of materials and the bench-top drill press models that are a lot more compact and they tend to be a little less expensive. They are best apposite for smaller work pieces and less demanding jobs.

Did you know that in terms of swing the size of a drill press is typically measure? Like the bench-top model that typically has a swing of 10″ to 12″ and it has a capacity that is larger that needs more powerful motor while a floor-standing model has a swing between 15″ and 17″ that can have one half to three fourth horsepower. Another capacity that you might consider is the quill stroke because it determines how deep you can drill.

You may like to consider a radial press or magnetic press depending on your drilling needs. A radial press is best if you do a lot of angled drilling or you do work with very large items. A magnetic drill press gives enormously powerful operation along with easy portability.

If you cannot to buy brand new hand drill press, you can always buy second hand drill presses. You just need to be a little careful about the product and the accessories that come along with it. Please take note that drill presses are available with variable power, attachments and sizes. This will provide certain handy tips and will direct you to the right path in choosing the best-used drill press. First, you make sure that drill press works effortlessly without any hiccups, makes sure that it makes precision holes and look out for the power that is made by the motor. Secondly if you are going to drill through material you have to get a drill press with higher horsepower. Drill presses have horsepower from

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