Home prices can not be separated from the West made in china

Home prices can not be separated from the West made in china
by Zou himfr

“Low-priced Chinese items, particularly apparel and other every day buyer items, dwelling help surge over the economic urgent position in the West.” Rushed to the procurement of items of Chinese merchants NatalieBole French said.

Xinhua News Agency reported March 1 to 5 day, thousands of Chinese and foreign enterprises in Shanghai participated in the 19th East China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the “East China Fair”), their hundreds of thousands of square meters at the great exhibition Chamber, find suitable buyers or merchandise.

Natalie greatest sorts of apparel wares pays for, he said: “We are all Chinese yield, a customer, in spite of of the kitchen appliances, carpets curtains, clothes, socks, children’s games and even a tiny planted area carts are from China.”

By the international financial crisis, international trade in 2009 is facing unprecedented challenges. Europe and the United States and other Western economies decline in consumer demand, dependence on foreign trade of China and other countries with higher exports have fallen significantly.

But in 2009 the first Chinese to retain a large trade unbiased, more of the necessities of life cost of the “popular”, it confirmed in the context of globalization, “the warehouses only to buy” the fundamental thought does not work.

“Most of Europe is inseparable from the dwelling are Chinese goods, I believe this is a widespread phenomenon.” Natalie said, “made in ceramic have the cost benefit is not only merchandise, but furthermore quality.”

Wheelock (Hong Kong) International Ltd. Teng Yu Guo salesman confirmed the views of Natalie. He said a company specializing in the production of stoves, grills and other kitchen supplies, and some categories of exports risen against the market trend, little affected by the financial crisis.

“Europe and the United States financial crisis led to a decline in household income, a lot of people choose to cook at home rather than go restaurant. And the export of Chinese products affordable, Europe and the United States can spend less money home, to maintain the high quality of life.” Teng Yu Guo explained.

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China Textile Industry Association vice president of Sun that the financial crisis does not change people’s demand for daily necessities, the only change in consumption structure. “Supplier of cheap products in the sales growth will be the winner.”

Official Chinese written knowledge present that the worldwide outbreak of the global fiscal critical purpose, China has not modified, “the world’s valued fabricating foundation for light-weight highly-developed products” status: in 2008 total trade overseas of light-weight highly-developed yield in China 309.2 billion U.S. dollars, worldwide more than 200 nations and regions; two wheel two wheel bicycles, seaming devices, storage batteries, furnishings, candles and so on more than 100 varieties of yield are still apex of goods produced in the world.

Policies at all stages of government under the impetus of the prevailing exhibitors in addition “East China Fair,” with confidence. Zhejiang Heng Qiandao Chun’an stroke long Textiles Co., Ltd., general director of Song Su said that though the public display this year and last year, weighed against to a diminish in the number of customers, but a tough intent to pay for, will advance the prospect of turnover.

It has been discerned, socks, underwear and other necessities of life do not appeal much vigilance, because of its rigid demand, at the present “China Trade Fair” is still on attention. Zhejiang Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Deputy Director of the Office of Foreign Trade Lee said: “The trade items position of Zhejiang, the auto components, mechanism and electrical devices goods trade items considerably influenced by economic urgent position, and socks, kitchen appliances, every day necessities, for example little fluctuations in the export.

“Despite the fiscal critical purpose household to the West become more and more use, but this time the public display was the case better than I expected.” DougWissier Canadian shoppers said, “because financial gatherings will be looked frontwards to to trade overseas more arduous than ever, so on the technical knowledge and approach there is many of innovation. in spite of of the worth or the charge of Chinese yield are impeccable, is experiencing the hurt of the fiscal turmoil of the West household than ever before, possibly made in chinaware can not do without.

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