How To Start With Residential Wind Power

How To Start With Residential Wind Power
by David Sullivan

Whether you want to get set up to live off the grid or just want to experiment with getting some extra power to keep down your energy bills, building your own residential wind power system is something you need to look into.

A problem with wind power right now is that it is fairly expensive (though not as expensive as solar). If you were to go out and buy a wind turbine, you’ll find that they might cost you $2000 to $6000 dollars.

If you have the right plans you can build your own, in fact. And it’s not complicated, and it’s not expensive. you can do it for around $150-$300 depending on the amount of power you want to produce.

What will you need?

You will need a set of well engineered plans, a work area, simple tools and four to six days.[youtube:6kN6AwR-WbU;[link:DIY Wind Power];]

What are the parts of a wind generator?

Do It Yourself Project

There are four main parts – the blades and hub, the body and DC motor, the tail and the tower. It takes the longest to build the blades and the hub of the system, though it is still fairly simple.

You will have to order the motor for the wind generator. Your plans will tell you where to get the motor, what size you need and all the technical stuff you need to know to be sure you get what you need. It is the most important part as it is what converts the wind power into electric to power your home.

For the body it is best to use double walled stainless steel like that from a chimney pipe or wood stove. It is very cheap and easy to get and will last a long time.

The tail is very simple but usually essential to make sure your turbine is pointed in the right direction. Make it sturdy so it can withstand storm winds.

You can buy or build your own tower. The best thing to do is find an old TV tower and recycle it for you wind generator tower. Many people will even pay you to take them down and get them out of their way.

These are some of the basics of building a wind turbine (and believe me, it doesn’t get much more complicated). All you need now is a manual to get you started saving money and the environment.

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