A Lavish garden for your Apartment is Possible

A Lavish garden for your Apartment is Possible
by Eric Slarkowski

Apartment living does not mean you have to forego your desires for a garden. You can have a lavish garden no matter where you live. Fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers are all a possibility. Many types of plants will grow just fine inside in containers. In fact, container gardening is a popular hobby for many. All it takes is a little knowledge and a little work to make your plants flourish.

Where to Start

Your starting point is going to be finding a place to grow. If you have a patio it is a perfect spot. However, you do not have to have a spot outside. All you really need is a sunny window and for some plants, you do not even need a lot of sun. Additionally, if floor space is a concern there are a good variety of plants that will grow up a trellis or can be grown in hanging baskets. You may need to be a little creative and find containers that will work with the space you have.

Choosing Plants

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Many vegetables and fruits work well growing in containers. Any vine type plant is ideal, like tomatoes and strawberries. Certain plants, like potatoes, do not work in containers because they need depth in which to grow and that is not possible in a container. Most flowers will also work in a container. Some flowers even repel pests, so your efforts will be two fold. Just be sure to choose plants that will work for the amount of sun you can provide. Do not choose full sun plants if you do not have a spot that gets a lot of sun exposure each day.

Choosing the Containers

The containers you choose are going to be important. You need to make sure you get a good size that will allow the plants you have chosen to grow and thrive. You do not want to choose containers that will stunt or inhibit the growth of the plants. You should aim to choose a container where you your plan can grow for its whole lifecycle. Most plants prefer not to be transferred and this could effect their ability to grow and be abundant. You should think about what amount of space the plant ill need once it is fully matured. Do not forget to think about the vegetables and fruit it will produce and thin about space for them too.

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