The Rhythm Of A Space Makes A Difference

The Rhythm Of A Space Makes A Difference
by Niles Watkins

Interior decorating is more than just about looking good. There should also be a sense of balance in the entire room. All the elements and pieces should blend well together. The colors, sizes and texture are three major elements crucial in decorating, but they are not the only ones either. A beautiful space is one that looks effortlessly appealing.

Applying a theme can help you in your decorating project. Revolving around a theme will guide you in selecting the right materials and furnishings. The coordinated look of the room starts from here. If you plan on a modern design, then go for modern decorative items. If it’s a rural theme with a semblance to a cabin lodging, the appropriate materials of wood and other natural materials should be used. Same with having a beach house theme. Glass and ceramics are not used for a beach cottage or resort. Wood and bamboo are the top materials, therefore you should also apply the same even if you live in the city center. Your theme is of the beach after all, so the materials and over-all design will depend on your chosen motif.

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In addition to the theme, the size of the room together with the sizes of its contents should also have a sense of balance. The bigger the space, the more liberty you have in displaying larger objects. Conversely, a small room should contain slim, smaller and sleeker furnishings so as not to look too crowded and cluttered. The same is true for using furniture. A huge sofa won’t look good with a too small center table. Suit the room’s elements in size and you will have no disorganized room to look at.

The contrast of colors will play an important part in the rhythm of the room as well. Having a stark contrast directly in the middle of a room can give a focal point for the eyes to move over. This can give a great balance throughout the room. If, however, these stark contrasts exist all over the room, it can give a very unsettling feeling and people may become quite uncomfortable.

One piece can often be all that is needed to balance the rhythm in a room because it can help unite all of the objects in that room and still provide a bit of contrast. Making the right choice for an area rug may provide this solution because an area rug could not only fill out the space in a room but help the color scheme work. The area rug could help balance the space between objects because it can give the eye a line to follow when tracing the outside of the room. In addition, an area rug could form a marriage between contrasting colors of a room and help make the space look more attractive.

Finding this balance is what will ultimately make the room successful. If you can make people feel comfortable and at home in the space which you design, you will have done a successful job. Anyone can get used to a space that they spend a great deal of time in, but presenting a design that no one needs to “get used to” will be the mark of true success with the way that you end up decorating the room.

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