Special Features of High Quality Home Security Systems

Special Features of High Quality Home Security Systems
by John McCreary

Normally, home security systems consist of the basic security control pane, the key pad, the pre-wired door and window contacts, internal siren, wired or wireless link to the monitoring station, and power supply with battery backup. However, these might not be sufficient to provide complete protection to your property. Home security systems have several optional accessories apart from the standard systems. It would be advisable for you to have adequate knowledge about such additional accessories also to have effective protection to your house.

Motion Detectors activate the alarm when any kind of movement is detected inside the house. These detectors would be able to cover large areas and watch several entry points simultaneously. The best motion detectors also have a built-in pet immune motion detector, so that pets like cats and dogs left inside the house do not trigger the alarm.

Keychain remote wireless devices help you to activate or disarm the security system whenever needed. Usually, these devices are provided with a panic button that would alert the monitoring agency when you are not able to reach the key pad inside the house.

Glass break detectors are mounted on the ceiling in the center of each room. They cover all the glass doors and windows and trigger the alarm when the glass is broken. This would provide additional security to the doors and windows along with the pre-wired protection.

Home Security Monitoring Systems

Smoke and heat detectors activate the alarm when heat, smoke or other harmful gases exceed certain fixed levels. These detectors are necessary for protection against fire and the presence of poisonous gases in the home atmosphere. When the smoke and heat detector alarms are triggered, the security monitoring station notes this specific alarm and informs the local fire department and medical attention center for necessary action.

Cellular backups are also quite common in modern home security systems. These cellular alerts help when there is a power outage, when the telephone line becomes faulty or the line is cut deliberately by an intruder. These digital cellular communication and alarm nets have become part of all home security systems now.

External sirens and lawn floodlights are some of the other specialized accessories that might be needed if your home contains large outdoor areas and high value possessions inside the house. These accessories would alert the neighbors in case of any emergency, apart from the security monitoring center, so that faster action is possible.

It is up to you to decide which of these additional security accessories would be needed for your home. The level of threat and the value of your possessions should motivate your decision to have them installed as further safety measures. Normally, home security system providers would charge extra for each such accessory. Your security needs and your budget should guide you in selecting the required accessories for the right type of home security systems. However, there should be no compromise at all when it comes to protecting your house. It is better to err on the safer side than taking an unwanted risk.

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