Houston Burglar Alarm

Houston Burglar Alarm
by John McCreary

Houston burglar alarm is one of the best options for protecting the valuables in your home and your family members from the threat of burglars. Even though several standard Houston burglar alarm products are available in the market, it would be better if the burglar alarm system were custom-designed to suit the specific needs of your home. Burglary is normally defined as one of the following.

Forcible entry into a property or a house Unlawful entry without use of force Attempted entry with or without use of force

Statistics reveal that more than 2 millions burglaries were attempted in the United States in 2006. In 2005, burglaries accounted for about 21% of all property crimes in the US and per home average monetary loss were estimated at $1,725. More than 65% of the burglaries were committed in residential properties and nearly 62% of the burglaries occurred between 6 am and 6 pm. Houston police believe that homes without a proper Houston burglar alarm are three to five times more likely to be intruded than those homes having a good security system.

Further, burglars normally follow a pattern and each burglar prefers a particular type of entry. For example, about 81% of residential burglaries are done by gaining entry through the first floor, while entering through the front door occurs in 34%. Back door entries are estimated at 22% and window break-ins are around 23%. Burglars had attempted entry into homes fitted with Houston burglar alarm only in 15% instances. As such, any good Houston burglar alarm should be custom-designed to provide safeguards against such individual preferences ofHome Security Monitoring Systems burglars.

Another favored method of burglars is to come disguised as utility service people like telephone repairers or gas company delivery boys. Such entries pose the additional danger of harm to the personal safety of the inmates. When intrusion occurs in the absence of the inmates, only the loss of valuables could occur. On the other hand, when a burglar enters the house when people are present, the burglar is likely to get violent and even use firearms during the theft attempt. Houston burglar alarm fitted with remote alarm activation wireless keypad provides maximum protection during such occasions.

Houston burglar alarm is most effective when it is connected to a central monitoring station and is watched all the time. It is true that a Houston burglar alarm could be installed with a siren in the house to alert the inmates of the home and an external siren to help neighbors notify the police or other authorities when there is an emergency.

However, these internal and external sirens do not offer complete protection. Burglars are a smart lot and they know how to deactivate the sirens easily. A wireless Houston burglar alarm connected to a central monitoring agency could never be circumvented by burglars. Further, the notification to the concerned authorities is also instant in case of monitored systems, compared to local sirens for which the neighbors might not respond immediately.

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