The Perennial Option for Summer Long Color

The Perennial Option for Summer Long Color
by Kent Higgins

Question: What are the names of some perennial flowers I could plant in my garden that will bloom all summer? Minnesota.

Most perennials bloom during the summer and scarcely any of them are attractive for their bloom for a period of over a month. However, many perennials are attractive in the garden all summer even if they are not in bloom. Such perennials as alyssum, artemisia, hardy chrysanthemum, Dianthus plumarius, hosta lily and iberis are attractive during that part of summer when they are not in bloom.

Question: The bottom leaves on the stems of my azaleamums decay and dry up. ls this a disease, or is it natural for this plant? Indiana.

Usually the browning of the leaves on the azaleamums not only during summer season is caused by leaf nematodes, which are microscopic eelworms. So do not ever take it as the summer color of the plant. They live in the soil and enter the leaves during wet weather. Later the leaf turns brown and falls. Cut off and burn all chrysanthemum tops after blooming and propagate new plants only from healthy plants. Set the new plants in a different location if possible.

Question: My wisterias grow beautifully but never bloom. What can I do for them to produce blooms? Kansas.

There is no standard procedure for making a wisteria bloom. While all vines should bloom some are extremely slow, occasionally taking ten years to produce their first bloom. Root pruning, pruning i back the vigorous young shoots, and feeding with fertilizers high in phosphorus have in certain cases brought plants to bloom. By the same token they have often failed to do any appreciable good. It is best to purchase grafted plants which are from stock known to bloom while young.

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