Carpet Cleaning. Should I Purchase Carpet Protector?

Carpet Cleaning. Should I Purchase Carpet Protector?
by Michael

The carpet manufactures started to apply a fluorochemical to carpet over two decades ago. We hear of these name brand protectors as: Teflon and Scotchgard. Nowadays all carpeting has this chemical applied at the carpet mills.

Carpet protectors can sometimes keep a spill on top of the carpet. This is possible but it’s more of a marketing tool than anything. It’s possible for a liquid to stay atop the carpet fiber but this depends on the carpet.

Applying a carpet protector is important because it creates a barrier so damaging dry soils can’t harm the carpet fiber. Applying a carpet protector to your carpets will help them look cleaner longer between your professional cleanings.

Having a protector applied to your carpeting will allow your vacuum to pick up more soil. Carpet protector doesn’t come off during cleaning. It wears off due to heavy use of the carpeting.

The carpet protection in most homes will wear off in a year. The carpet manufactures suggest having it reapplied at this time. It’s a small price to pay yet will keep your carpeting looking better for longer.

Carpet protectors will help to keep spills on the outside of the carpet fiber allowing you more time for an emergency spot clean up. However nylon carpets will still be suspect to permanent staining by pet urine and artificial dyes such as Kool-Aid.

Carpet protectors will use water or a solvent as the carrier of the fluorochemical. A protector that uses a solvent will provide better protection but can be rather unpleasant to be around. Protectors that use water for the carrier are mainly used on carpets.

A solvent based protector is ideal for protecting your upholstery. One accindent can create a permanent stain on an otherwise beautiful piece of upholstery. Solvent protectors are the best for upholstery.

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