Following The Greenskeeper And Improving Your Lawn

Following The Greenskeeper And Improving Your Lawn
by Kent Higgins

When we desire to improve our lawns we frequently study the methods followed by the greenskeeper whose most important job is to grow grass.

In like manner, if we want a better vegetable garden we should find out what the Belgian truck gardener is doing this time of year, for his business is to produce an early crop of choice vegetables. He is busy preparing hotbeds and still hauling organic material to cover the garden area.

A heavy coating of manure can certainly do the trick, so if you want earlier vegetables of larger size and finer quality, have that garden spot topped with a good coating of manure. This organic material also improves the physical condition of the soil and aids in moisture-holding capacity during dry weather.

This is also a good time, provided there is open weather when the ground is not frozen too hard, to remove the wild trees that have come up in shrubbery borders, near the garage or house where they will soon get out of bounds and the task and expense of removal will be greatly increased.

These Topsy trees are usually elm, hackberry, mulberry, wild cherry, locust, ash, soft maple or cottonwood. According to many lawn care advice guides If the sapling in question is a nicely shaped tree of suitable species, it may be moved to a more favorable location. By all means cottonwoods should not be permitted to exist near your house, lawn, or other buildings, for the larger they get the more of a liability they become.

Their roots stop up sewers and drain pipes. Their branches are very brittle and may come crashing through the roof in time of storm. If you just wouldnt think of cutting that nice cottonwood” have it topped about every other year.

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