What You Need To Know About Hiring A Marquee

What You Need To Know About Hiring A Marquee
by Henry Wall

Marquee hires have grown remarkably since their circus-tent years. Today, they are complex structures that are the picture of elegance that enhance any landscape setting. They can accommodate the largest of guest lists to the smallest, with enough room for head tables, dance floors, banquet areas, and spacey walking room.

They are easily adaptable to fit any party theme and you, as the host, will find it a relief in knowing they are easy to assembly and dismantle. Most companies will accommodate your wishes of dates and times of assembly and dismantling, and the key thing to remember here is that there are no tie-down ropes for your guests to trip over.

By using marquee hires for your event, you will keep in tradition of using a hall. The company supplying the marquee will offer to rent you tables, chairs, flooring, and even lights for your party. If you choose to go elsewhere to decorate your setting, that is your choice as well. Youll also be pleased in knowing that you can use their catering services or referrals for your food and beverage needs. All in all, you will end up saving a significant amount of money rather than wasting it on a hall where your guests cannot experience a marquee party atmosphere.

The idea of being able to keep the weather out or allowing it in by raising or lowering the flaps will ease your mind. The flaps do not take away from the marquee’s overall beauty and true elegance. They simply add to your guests comfort and safety by keeping them warm, dry, or cool from the sun. In addition, they will truly enjoy the magnificent views and landscaping that will surround your marquee. You will find that many of your guests will throw compliments your way long after the affair is over, and will in turn use a marquee hire for their own next social event.

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