Buying Guide For Beds & Mattresses

A good night’s sleep is essential to good health and happiness so we’ve put this guide together to help you choose right bed for you.


• How to Choose Your Bed

• Types of Beds

• Mattresses & Headboards

• Caring for your Bed

How to choose your bed

What size of bed do you require? You can buy single, double and king size.

• We recommend that you invest in a good mattress as this is very important for comfort and a good night’s sleep.

• It’s worth considering buying a slightly bigger bed to give yourself room to get comfortable in your sleep; this is especially important if you are sharing a bed.

• You might be more comfortable in a king size bed rather than a double bed.

• Do you require a soft bed or a firm bed? This will depend on your own personal preference.

Types of Bed

Divans are made up of a base unit and a mattress which are bought together for one price and work together to provide superb comfort and support. They are modern in appearance and very comfortable. Some divans have drawers in base unit which are ideal for storing bedding, clothing or anything that needs to be kept tidy. Divan base units fold in half to make it easy to get them through doorways or upstairs.

Bedsteads are more traditional and more decorative but you’ll need to buy your mattress separately. We sell both wooden and metal bedsteads and some which are a combination of two. The slats which go across the bedstead horizontally provide support but if you’re looking for more of a spring go for a ‘Sprung Slat’ base.

Mattresses & Headboards

• Mattresses are sprung and provide comfort and support you need for a good night’s rest. Normally they have a quilted damask covering and some are complete with handles so you can move and turn them easily.

• Orthopedic mattresses may be more comfortable for people with back problems.

• Hypo-allergenic mattresses have a filling that may be less likely to trigger allergies.

• Memory foam topped mattresses are great for comfort as special topper moulds to the shape of your body.

• Hand Tufted mattresses are constructed in such a way that ‘roll together’ is prevented or at least reduced.

headboard gives a bed that finishing touch and ads to the decorative effect in your room.

Caring for Your Bed

better you look after your bed the longer it will last and it’s really the mattress that you should be thinking about here.

normal lifespan of a mattress is about 8 – 10 years. In this time even a quality mattress may deteriorate by up to 75% therefore it will be much less comfy.

• When your mattress gets old it becomes less healthy as it will have collected skin particles and dust mites throughout its lifetime – this is why you need to change it.

• Mattresses should be turned regularly to ensure that they wear evenly and that shape of your body does not distort them.

• If you have a divan we recommend that you replace mattress and the base unit at the same time as they work together to give you support. Just replacing the mattress may reduce the lifespan of the mattress and the base.

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