Blinds Buying Guide

More and more people are choosing blinds for their homes to accompany curtains or even just on their own. We have put guide together to help you choose the right blind for your window.

•Types of Blind

•Measuring for Blinds

•Cutting Down a Ready Made Roller Blind


Types of Blind

Roman Blinds

•Flat when lowered (pulled down)

•Form attractive pleats or folds when raised

•Do not take up much space on your window sill when lowered

•Practical and easy to use

•Blinds are sold with all the fixings you will require

Roller Blinds

•Made from durable fabric which is rolled up and down whilst attached to fixings

•Blinds are sold with all the fixings you will require

Vertical Blinds

•Made from strips of durable fabric suspended from a fitting at the top of your window

•Rods at each side of the window allow the strips to be twisted to let in more or less light as required

•Cords are used to draw the blinds back in the same way as curtains

•Suitable for a modern and minimalist room

Blackout Blinds

•Completely block out natural light

•Ideal for children’s bedrooms

•Available as roller blinds only

Measuring for Blinds

Blinds can be fitted inside or outside of the window recess.

Inside Recess Measuring

•Check that your recess is not obstructed in any way that would stop the blind being lowered correctly

•Use a metal tape measure as will be more accurate

•Measure in several places to allow for variation or irregularity in your windows (take the average measurement)

Outside Recess Measuring

may be necessary if the recess is less than 7.5cm (3”) deep

may be necessary if the window opens inwards

may be necessary if the window is not straight as the blind may not roll down correctly

•Decide how far you want the blind to overlap on each side of your window – we recommend about 5cm (2”)

Cutting Down a Ready Made Roller Blind

If you need to reduce the width of a roller blind to fit into a window recess we recommend that you follow these guide lines:

•Use a metal tape measure to measure from the outside edge of each bracket

•Deduct the width of the winding mechanism from measurement before you the blind to the desired length

•Unwind the blind and use a mini hacksaw to the tube

down the length of the fabric using sharp scissors – be sure you cut in a straight line

the fabric back onto the tube and put the blind in place as normal


•We recommend that all blinds are cared for according to the care instructions provided

•Blinds can be dusted with a synthetic or feather duster

•Fabric blinds can also be vacuumed with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner

•Never wash a fabric blind using soap and water

We stock blinds in over 200 different styles and colours with designs to suit every room in your home including an extensive selection of blackout blinds.

To explore our range of roman blinds further, please visit our website at

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