How Walk In Showers And Tubs Can Make Life Easier

How Walk In Showers And Tubs Can Make Life Easier
by Bob Ranold

Do you or any one of your loved ones have difficulty taking a bath because of discomfort, lack of accessibility, safety or any other medical problems? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry, there is a solution to your problem. A bath tub with a door attached which is popularly known, as walk-in tub is the ideal solution. Getting in and out of this walk-in tub is easy and it comes as a boon to the disabled and aged whose feet are unsteady.

There are those who suffer from arthritis. This comes with the onset of age or at times even without a cause. They cannot perform regular activities because of this. Others get paralyzed and need assistance to get in and out of a bath. Those born with physical disabilities too might encounter problems when entering a bath. This is where a walk-in tub and bath come into play.

Look wise, both the bathtub and the walk-in bath tub appear similar, but on closer observation, you will notice a side door attached to a walk-in bath tub. This door can be opened and closed so a person can just get in even on a wheelchair. The door is the added advantage and a huge plus point in these walk-in tubs.

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This door can be opened and the person can just walk into the bath and can by-pass the difficulty of trying to enter a tub. The person using this tub can just walk in and sit. The door can be closed and water can be filled in. For this purpose, the tub is made air tight and water tight. There is no leakage from the hinges. The walk-in tubs come in different materials like porcelain, ceramic or marble.

Old and sick people definitely require a walk-in tub. It is very cumbersome for the old and disabled to carry on their daily chores independently and these walk-in tubs will help solve their bathing problems. Nursing homes, old-age homes and other assisted living facilities where patients are nursed require a walk-in tub to fulfill the bathing needs of the inmates.

In some situations people are wholly dependent on caretakers and nurses for their daily chores. The caregiver faces a lot of problems if the patient is heavy and making them lie down for a bath may harm the health of the caretaker if he/she are not physically strong enough to handle the patient. But with the walk-in bath tub the person can just walk in and can find a dignified bathing solution which is specific to their personal need.

Walk in tubs is the best solutions to problems wherein people face difficulties to get in and out of a bath tub. A person with a knee or hip problem may find it difficult to swing the body in and out of a regular bath tub. There is also the risk of slipping on a soap bar or body gel. These problems are taken care of in a walk-in tub.

The walk in tubs available in the market are sleek and easy to install. It is worth every penny because the elderly or the physically challenged will not only find a worthy solution but can also have a dignified bath.

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