Window Valances : 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Window Valances : 4 Mistakes to Avoid
by Jan Elisa White

You would think with all the beautiful valance window treatments around you could not go wrong but in fact you can go wrong – horribly wrong. Here are 4 common mistakes to avoid.

1. Choosing the Wrong Style of Valance

The style of window valance should always match the general feeling of the room. No matter how much you love it a formal valance is not going to look good in an informal room like a country kitchen. And a romantic style valance will look terrible in a minimalist lounge. There are valances to match all kinds of room decoration and you need to seek out one which is appropriate.

2. Getting the Fabric Design Wrong

Choose a fabric for your valances which matches your curtains or blinds (perhaps with a contrasting edging) for an easy option. Otherwise choose a fabric which is used on other soft furnishings in the room (and edge with the same color as the curtain fabric) to tie the scheme together. It’s important not to introduce too much pattern or too many different colors in one room. That just looks messy.

3. Choosing the Wrong Type of Fabric

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The two factors which are important in a valance fabric are weight and draping qualities. The weight of the valance fabric needs to be similar to the weight of the curtain – a heavy looking valance will not look good over fine voile curtains, nor will a thin scarf valance look good over heavy velvet drapes. When choosing a fabric consider the type of valance you are aiming for. A swag and tail arrangement needs a fabric which can both drape (at the center) and fold into crisp pleats at the edges. A geometric valance only needs the crisp qualities and a scarf type valance just needs to drape well.

4. Selecting the Wrong Size

It is not such a difficult task to measure for valances because the width of the drapery rod is the main measurement you need however it is still easy to get the size wrong. The main issue here is getting your valance out of proportion to the size of the window. A tiny valance on top of a big tall window or a long valance on a short one is not a good look. If you are unsure experiment with a piece of cloth until you get the right size.

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