Run Your Car With Water and Gas – Scam Or the Real Deal?

by Matthew Loop, DC

Despite the upcoming election, it is incredibly unlikely that any changes will be made to big oil’s hold on Washington. There are simply far too many people under the influence of these influential businessmen for any real change to occur, no matter who or what party is in charge of regulating these businesses. Luckily, there is actually a way right now to combat high gas prices by using a fuel system designed to reduce emissions, improve the environment and triple your gas mileage, all for less than the cost of filling up a gas tank.

Most people do not believe that can run your car on water, and that is because the gas companies have done an amazing job and preventing news organizations from receiving information on the topic. But HHO gas (Named because of H2O, 2 Hydrogen, 1 Oxygen) is real and the technology is already available today. In just a few hours and with absolutely no of auto mechanics, you can convert your car into a hybrid that runs on water.

1) How Can Water Run a Car?

A process known as electrolysis is created using just your car battery. A current travels through water and takes out once piece of hydrogen from the two that are available in H2O. That piece of hydrogen then travels through your engine and goes into your gas tank, where it helps convert itself to energy to be used for burning fuel. Thus are essentially increasing the amount of gasoline without adding more gas – instead, all you are doing is adding water, and letting the system do the rest.

2) Why Should Consider Your Vehicle with Water?

By implementing this simple water fuel technology, my friends and I have saved in excess of 40% on gas expenses every month. As mentioned previously, the by-products from burning water are obviously much cleaner than burning toxic chemicals like gasoline. Combustible gasoline only manufactures dirty carbon emissions that are extremely harmful for the environment. I think that everyone would agree that we’ve done enough damage to the environment with the global use of gasoline.

3) How and Is it Possible to Construct This Technology For Yourself?

The manufacturing of these systems has been relatively underground, because if they start becoming too mainstream they are likely going to be squashed by big oil and corporate America. Instead, these systems are sold as how-to guides on the internet, teaching how to build it yourself with detailed, step by step instructions designed to ensure that you do it right the first time with the few materials your need to make it correctly.

And these systems are incredibly versatile. Not only can run your car on water, but you can run your trucks and your SUV’s as well. And the more people that use these systems, the more likely that big oil will have a problem muting it, because the systems will be too well known and used by too many people. This will force them to consider ways to improve gas mileage and provide relief at the gas tank, or risk going out of business.

High gas prices are unlikely to be regulated any time soon. So if are hoping for some form of relief, either at the gas tank or for the environment, you may want to consider turning your car into a car that runs on water. Creating a water car hybrid is the only way to truly change our dependence on foreign oil, and our footprint on the environment.

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