Organic Gardening Tips

Organic Gardening Tips
by Khalid Paulraj

Use of containers to grow plants is an ideal key for gardeners who have limited space. Even gardeners with an abundant garden appreciate use of pots to grow plants due to the flexibility this offers. The deck or patio may be brightened using colorful flowers; one may grow vegetables or create a garden at the rooftop. Pots can be moved around to ensure they capture sunlight, but should be moved to areas with some shade once it is too hot. For people living near wildlife, growing plants in containers and enclosing them in the deck is the only option due to the wildlife inhabitation.

Most nurseries have huge selections of plastic pots, ceramic and terracotta, although container gardening offers the ideal opportunity of recycling anything that can act as a container from the basement or garage. Spatterware bowls, watering cans, kitchen canisters, cowboy boots and tires can all serve as planters. An important consideration though, is the amount of adverse weather conditions the pot is capable of handling. The size of the plant should also determine the nature of the can to be used due to holding of adequate water and allowing the development of roots.

Before commencing on planting, the soil should be relatively well mixed and wet and this can be accomplished by using buckets ands wheelbarrows. After e arranging plants in the planting container, an addition of extra soil on the plants base is recommendable. Ample space is required between the soil level and the container top to avoid overflowing of water during watering. Choosing a particular plant is generally dependent on a variety of factors and this is easily indicated by use of containers to grow vegetables. The vegetables do best when they are exposed to sunshine for about six hours daily hence requiring a sunny location.

Most container plants have a tendency of drying out rapidly and hence require regular watering. Throughout the hot spells, container plants may require watering twice in a day. Hanging baskets are quite vulnerable to evaporation, hence requiring more watering, until it flows from the pots bottom.

Multiple organic fertilizers can be used safely during the growth of container plants. A good number are based on compost or fish products. Worm castings are ideal organic fertilizers normally used for indoor houseplants generally because they are odor-free.

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