Plumbing Tips Every Everyone Should Know

Plumbing Tips Every Everyone Should Know
by James Burket

If your are planning on owning a home than one of the first things you should know about is plumbing secrets every homeowner should know about. Why pay a plumber if the repairs are something you can do yourself with a few simple tools and a little effort. Keep those dollars in your own pocket. Become your own plumber for the small jobs.

Anyone can replace a sink or tub faucet with just a little effort. You need a good adjustable pipe wrench, two screwdrivers: a Phillipp’s and a straight , some plumbing tape and possibly some band-aids. Just joking about the band-aids. Whatever you do remember to turn off the water before actually starting to remove any hardware.

After turning off the water source turn the tap on to drain the line of any water or you may get a sudden shower when you loosen the handles. Good lighting is essential when changing faucets so keep a flashlight handy. Water pipes tend to be in dark areas of the home.

Emergency Plumbing Repair

Replacing a wax toilet bowl or changing a toilet is not beyond a homeowners capabilities and is an easy fix and will save the homeowner the expense of having to pay a plumber. Again a key factor is to make sure that the water line is shut off to the toilet and then flush the toilet to rid the bowl and tank of water. Detach the lines to the toilet and then with a wrench remove the bolts that hold it in place to the floor. When you remove the toilet you should find what is left of a thick wax bowl. Remove the wax bowl and replace it with the new wax bowl. Put the toilet back in place and bolt back down to the floor and reconnect the water lines. You just replaced or changed your wax toilet bowl . Turn the water back on and let fill. Flush the toilet and watch to make sure it is running properly.

Wrapping water pipes in the cold north is an every winter occurrence that is full of plumbing secrets that every homeowner should know especially in the cold regions of the states. Broken water pipes can cause massive damage to your foundation, your flooring and your walls. Always shut the water off to the outside faucet and drain the lines before winter. Cap the faucet with a weather insulation cup that you can buy at any Menard’s, Home Depot or Lowe’s. Buy insulation wrap and tape to wrap your water pipes and make sure your water lines are not exposed to the ground or the weather. Wrap the water pipes with heat tapes first and then the insulation wrap followed by tape to seal the wrap. During the cold winter months you plug the heat tapes into an electrical outlet to keep them from freezing.

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