One Look That Will Grow With Your New Baby

One Look That Will Grow With Your New Baby
by Bart Halster

When you find out you are expecting your first child many feeling run through your head. One may be the design of the nursery. You then may want to consider trying to theme the room around something which can grow with the child. This will allow you to spend less down the road remodeling the room once your child grows up. You want something which will last quite a few years and won’t need to be maintained when that time comes to rearrange the look and design.

Try choosing a theme which can be changed easily and inexpensive down the road. For example; a night sky themed room. You just need to paint the walls a darker blue and then add a few smoky gray clouds with a rag onto the walls. You then can purchase those glow in the dark star stickers and place them into the night sky mural on the wall. By adding nursery like decor, it will tie in the theme for your little one when it’s an infant all the way up until they are young children.

For decor in the nursery to being with, try bears and moon silhouettes. If you are able to find decor for “the cow jumped over the moon,” that would fit the theme wonderfully for their younger age.

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Add a great area rug to the theme you choose for your nursery which will protect the carpet but also add softness into the decor. For the night time theme, try choosing a great deep blue rug or even one which has a pattern representing stars or even clouds. Planet area rugs as well would be a great option to consider.

As your child grows so will their interests. Liven up the room according to your child’s style by cheaply making a few small changes. A good way to liven up the bed time themed room for a child is to take out the dark blue rug and add a rug with a map of the solar system. You could add a rug covered in constellations or one that featured the planets. You can hang more stars from the ceiling and give the room a science based theme that will be more appealing for an older age group.

When a child turns into a teenager, you can continue the transformation. Add a black light to the room. Take out the solar system rug and put in a neon rug in bright yellow or green. The rug will reflect the light very nicely and give it a spooky effect at night. This will give the room just the twist it needs to make it feel new to your teenager.

Try creating a room which is versatile with many age groups. This will save you time and money in the long run.

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