Take a look at an Epson scanner for your SOHO

Take a look at an Epson scanner for your SOHO
by Guy O’Dell

Today you will find a scanner in most new computer setups, whether that is at home or in a small business or home office. Digitizing documents and photos is something that we all need to do, increasingly on a daily basis. Whether that is to reduce the quantity of paper that we are saving or whether that is to digitally work with images and photos, a scanner is one of the pieces of equipment that today we all need. Prices have dropped, and today you can get a basic scanner as low as $50 depending upon the features and functionality that you want.

So what kind of scanner do you need? First, you need to think about how you will use it. Once you know what features and functions you need, you can then shop for the best scanner to meet those needs. Almost all scanners today will handle documents and photos just fine.

Setting up a scanner is also easier than ever. Today, most hardware auto installs itself. You simply insert the software CD and the software installs and configures everything. You should always wait to follow the instructions prompted by the software, because you usually need to install the software before plugging in the hardware.

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There are three top consumer and small business brands of scanners that you really need to look at. Cannon, HP, and Epson all make top scanners that each provide unique differences worth looking at. Do you want a flatbed scanner? Do you care more about photos? HP makes a create Photosmart line of scanners for around $120. An All-In-ONe multi-function scanner, HP makes a nice unit that includes a scanner, printer, and copier all in one. It is also compatible with both a Mac and a PC. It is a great unit that allows you to work with documents and photos and share them with your friends.

Once you have determined the features you want, you can compare features at any online retailer to compare the differences between different scanners. Cannon makes a great CanoScan line of flatbed scanners which includes both hardware and software technology that automatically enhances and corrects common problems such as dust and scratches as well as retouching photo graininess and bad lighting. For a unit under $50, it is pretty affordable.

If you are into photographs, then you really should check out the Epson line of Scanners. Their Perfection Photo Flatbed line of scanners are a little more professional but also a litle more expensive, typically around $179. Their Digital ICE software technology allows you to scan slides at high resolution converting your old slide collection into digital images. It is a good quality scanner. So consider what you want to do with a scanner and make your choice according.

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