What to Do with Your Corn Plant

What to Do with Your Corn Plant
by Matthew James

Corn has as many uses as it does varieties to grow. Most widely known strains of corn, the most valuable one being dent corn or field corn which is primarily used as cattle feed, sweet corn that is often sold on road side stands and of course the most loved corn- popcorn. After you grow your corn, there are a lot of things you can do with it besides just eat it off the husk and corn can be used in many different products.

Fresh sweet corn on the cob is one of life’s simple pleasures. The most important thing to remember about corn is that it starts converting its sugars into starch right after being harvested. The simplest and easiest thing to do with corn is just eat it on the cob. Simply unwrap it, boil it, and eat. Put some melted butter on it or even some salt and pepper. You can roast it on the grill to make it really savory. Moreover, sweet corn can also be eaten raw if the ear is plucked before the grains are fully mature.

You can also use corn for cooking. Corn flour was used by the Native Americans to make many corn based products and is what is used in tortillas and taco shells. Corn is ground into a fine consistency. Sometimes this corn flour serves as a thickening agent in an array of delectable food dishes. Corn is also put to use for making delicious sauces, cakes, puddings, sweets and desserts because the starch acts as a thickening agent.

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Additionally, corn is also a staple cereal, second to rice and wheat. It helps to produce a number of essential industrial products as well. The main ingredient in corn which is starch, when dried can be used to convert into dextrin or can even be put to use in its present state. In case, it is not dried, it can be processed into sugars and syrups. Oil, which is extracted from the corn seed is used in the manufacture of soap and glycerin and if refined in extreme conditions, can serve the purpose as a salad oil or can used for cooking purposes as well. You will find corn starch and corn syrup in all the food products on the shelf. Corn is cheap so it is used in everything, which is not always good.

Nowadays, corn is also feed to cattle and pigs because the corn is a very cheap feed and has a lot of nutrients they need. If you raise farm animals, consider giving them part of your corn harvest. The corn crop can be either cut green after it is harvested or dried for fodder to be given to farm animals. Corn is fed to both cows and pigs in order to fatten then up.

Corn has a lot of different uses. You can even use the husk to make masks and baskets. Nothing of the corn can be wasted and all of it has a use. The corn itself can be made into many different types of food products and eaten many ways. After you have grown your corn, don’t think all you have to do is eat on the cob! There are things you can do- try them out!

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