DIY Wind Turbines – Cheap Energy

DIY Wind Turbines - Cheap Energy
by Arnold Thomas

The cost of maintaining your household can be staggering. One of the larger expenses for any home is of course the cost of electricity. Many people find themselves budgeting carefully for this expense and trying as hard as possible to conserve energy to keep pace with the increasing cost of energy.

There are some bills which you really can’t do too much about; your mortgage or rent aren’t going to decrease and you most likely need your cell phone and internet access too much to cut back on these bills. You can save in a lot of ways, but many expenses are simply unavoidable.

Electricity is one bill which you can save on, however. You can use the best conservation methods, unplugging unused appliance and the like, but there’s only so much money you can save this way and of course, if the people you live with aren’t also diligent about these things, you may be frustrating yourself quite literally over a few pennies.[youtube:uCfWvCGk80o;[link:Residential wind power];]

However, you can use all of the electricity you need if you can find an alternative source of energy to use other than what is supplied by your local utility company. Renewable alternative energy sources exist which you can use to keep your electricity costs down; and in some cases, you may even be able to sell excess electrical power to your utility company!

Do It Yourself Project

Solar and wind are the most popular alternative energy technologies. You probably know the basics about solar power already. It’s a great non-polluting energy source. Wind power is something you’ve probably not really considered for your home, thinking you’d need a huge wind farm in order to get the electrical power your home needs.

Actually all you need are small wind turbines that you place on your rooftop. You don’t need to worry about figuring out where to get them because you can actually make them yourself if you have the necessary materials that you can acquire online or in the junkyard.

If you live in an area which tends to get strong, steady winds, you may be able to generate the bulk of your own electricity! The more turbines you have the more power you’ll produce and the less you’ll have to pay your utility company for each month.

Wind turbines generate electricity using its electrical generator and rotors the same way solar panels produce electricity using multiple solar panels. However wind turbines can continue to work even at night allowing you to store greater amounts of energy if the wind is good.

These wind turbines aren’t suitable for all households most specifically the homes in urban areas, but for other people, they remain as more cost effective alternatives since the materials that are required are cheap and accessible making wind electricity more reliable for people on tight budgets.

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